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Dog Breed Quiz

開発者 Zeus Lab

"犬の品種クイズ" is the Japanese localization of the "Dog Breed Quiz". This is a quiz which invites you to test your knowledge of nature and it's inhabitants. It may be used for testing and educational purposes for people well-informed about the nature. Game consists of 100 illustrated questions about species which belong to the different dog breeds. Each question has 4 possible answers. When you tap one of the answers, the default color of the pressed button is changed for a while to green (when it was the right answer) or to red (wrong answer). You have 3 attempts to give right answer. If you give it at the first attempt you will receive 3 points, at the second attempt - 2 points, at the third - 1 point. Play the "Dog Breed Quiz" now to test and improve your knowledge of the most faithful friends to Man! Keywords 犬, 猫, 自然, 動物, 生き物, 犬, クイズ, トリビア, ゲーム, パズル, 遊び, 犬, 生物学, 楽しく, 喜び.